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JunkerBot is a solo-developed Single-player Car Combat game, where you destroy, recycle, and replicate vehicles, use resources to upgrade your base and DECONTAMINATE!

Main Features:

  • 3D skillful Car Combat where every vehicle is unique in some way.
  • Explore from a top-down perspective, a desert filled with enemy bases to destroy, mining outposts to take advantage of, and dangerous convoys.
  • 8 upgradeable faction based vehicles to unlock and 9 unique/secret cars too.
  • Simple base building mechanics to manage your vehicles and unlock useful stuff like a deployable suicidal explosive RC car!
  • A backstory to unravel, and give context to the world. (not yet, I’m working on this)
  • Online Coop challenges to unlock and play with a friend, or alone if you want a real challenge.
  • Multiple-barreled mortar turrets and Land Torpedoes!

I've included a small demo that generates encounters randomly, a taste of the game's combat system.

Latest change log:

  • v0.5.1
    • fixed: the weird sound of the cars in the jump scene (intro)
    • fixed: base's columns have working "target" indicators now
    • "basic vehicle" and "fighter" drift much less, should be controllable now
    • enemies from the first area shoot less often.
    • enemies from the first, second, and third area have less HP (40%, 60% 80% respectively).
    • softer thunder SFX (intro)
  • v0.5
    • Electric storms now reset every time the player goes back to base.
    •  Unlocking the first structures for the base is now faster.
    •  New UI elements, like contamination sources (to help guide the player)
    • The game has two “parts”, and the base will get attacked in the second “part”.
    • The game can be finished now.
    • Main “story” elements with short “cinematics”.
    • All unique vehicles can be encountered at some point in SP now.

For more Info:

visit the game's IndieDB.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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